Welcome to Calibrafruta


CALIBRAFRUTA, a company specialized in the production of automated mechanical equipment for fruit and vegetable processing, was founded in 1992 by José Caetano.

With professional experience connected to mechanics, José Caetano saw an opportunity to invest in this sector. It was in the garage of his house that he took the first steps towards what would become a successful business. The recognition was such that the business started to grow and the garage became too small for the activity. That was when, in 1992, he bought a warehouse and founded CALIBRAFRUTA.

The company began its activity with the manufacture of mechanical calibrators. In 2000 it started to invest in the expansion of the facilities, in contracting highly qualified human capital and in new production equipment, which enabled the adoption of production processes specialized in the technological plan.

One of the most notable innovations was the Calibra XXI electronic sorting and grading machine launched in 2002, which generated a strong demand in the national market and later in the international market.

In 2005, the company began its internationalization process, and nowadays it is present in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania.

The company currently presents a wide range of equipment for the fruit and vegetable sector, from sorting and grading lines (by weight, diameter, colour, external quality, brix and maturation), to packing lines and weighing machines.