The CALIBRA WEIGHER.H12 weighing machine has been designed to improve the productive capacity of our clients. Its robust structure linked to state-of-the-art technology enables fast and smooth handling of the fruit, making this equipment one of the most reliable and accurate in the market. The electronic panel of this equipment is available in several languages and it has been designed intuitively, in order to give the operator an agile interaction with the equipment.

Vegetables: Potato | Onion
Product Size (min-max): 30 - 120 mm
Number of Scales: 12
Material: Stainless Steel | Carbon Steel – Lacquered Term
Extras: Manual Filler | Automatic Horizontal Bag Filler| Verti Bag Filler

Weigher capacity:

12 Scales
Packages (Kg): 20 10 5
Capacity (weighings/min): 12-14 15-20 20-25
Weight (Kg/h): 14,40-16,80 9,00-18,00 6,00-7,50

Technical Specifications:

Control: Electronic / PC
Voltage: 400vac 3F+N+PE
Pressure (bar): 6
Frequency (Hz): 50
Unload Height (mm): 890
Load Height (mm): 3000
Weight (Kg): 1950
Dimensions (mm): 2590 x 2285 x 3200