CALIBRA SORTER.RD is a sorting machine which can has one or more lines, depending on the needs of each client. As a main feature, this equipment unloads the product to trays or conveyors which can be positioned on one or both sides. The dynamic cup allows unloading to both sides, even in the one-line model

Fruits and Vegetables: Avocado | Citrus | Stone Fruit | Tomato | Apple | Mango | Cantaloupe | Onion | Beetroot
Capacity (min-max): 2 - 15 fruits/second/line*
*Depends on the kind of fruit
Number of Lines: 1 - 6
Number of Outputs: Up to 90
Size (min-max): 30 - 200 mm
Weight (min-max): 20 - 2000 grams
Extras: Weight | Diameter | Color | Brix | External Quality